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A chicken and a pig both signed up to help with the church breakfast. On the surface it looked like they were both sacrificing equally, but when everybody showed up to enjoy the breakfast of ham & eggs, it was clear that the chicken had made a contribution but the pig had made a commitment.

It takes committed help to make Faith Church everything God wants it to be, and that means we need everyone involved, taking their place and doing their part to help the ministry operate at its full potential. We don’t beg for volunteers. Working for God in any capacity, such as children’s church or the set-up crew, is a privilege, not a chore. People who attend Faith Church Colorado are encouraged to take steps to become involved in our various ministries and outreaches so we can do our part together in building God’s Kingdom.

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If you are searching for a Bible-based Church in Castle Rock, we invite you to be our guest at our Sunday 10am service at The Grange! Click to find out more.